Почетна Хоррор Ентертаинмент Невс 5 лудо креативних посластица за овогодишње Халловеен журке

5 лудо креативних посластица за овогодишње Халловеен журке

by Даниел Хегарти
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There is always that one mom who blows all the other parents away with their tray of ridiculously clever culinary skills. Well we at iHorror are giving our readers the head start this year and although we are a few weeks away, it should give you plenty of time to get the recipes for these tasty treats perfected.

We have specially selected five great tutorials from around the web, of insanely creative but simple treats you can make to wow the kids and adults alike.

Melted Cookie Monster Fudge – Effort Level: Moderate
Although the Cookie Monster isn’t the kind of monster people find scary, he does deserves a place on Halloween buffet table when he appears to have been mashed up, melted and squashed into a yummy fudge bars!

Skulls on Toast – Effort Level: Moderate
This one looks great and shares similarities with the Pumpkin King from Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. All it’s using that may not be in your cupboards already is a sheet or two of Seaweed Paper normally used in Sushi, cut up to form the characteristics of the skull. This can actually be used to make all sorts of designs come to think about it.


Pot Plants with Worms – Effort Level: Easy
Now, these look amazing. Using a few variations of chocolate and a bag of gummy worms you can make something that the kids will go mad over. Instead of little pots, why not get one big pot and let the kids dig their own worms up? This would be great fun!

Severed Finger Dogs – Effort Level: Easy to Moderate
This tutorial will equip you with the basic idea of making your severed fingers, the more effort you put in, the more realistic they will appear. I’m sure the more artistic ones of you will create finger as realistic as a good movie prop.  First thought that came to my mind was What can I add to make zombie fingers?…guacamole?…mustard?


вештице Potions (Warning: Adults only!) – Effort Level: Easy
We’ve had plenty of food ideas now what about drinks? Using Dry Ice you can make a bubbling potions effect. However, I don’t know the outcome when mixed with alcohol nor do I believe this will be suitable for kids as they may decide to take the Dry Ice out of the glass and burn themselves. So people, you have been warned!

Did you give our treats a go? Send a picture of the result to [емаил заштићен] or add a link to the comments below.

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